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Welcome to Pharmacy Teachers Trust

Warm welcome to all the fellow Pharmacy Teachers. We wish to inform that Pharmacy Teachers Trust was established with a concern to recognise the services of Pharmacy Teachers and the welfare of the Pharmacy Teachers and their families in both telugu states.
It is a registered Trust. The trust funds its activities out of the interest earned from the Corpus fund and donations it receives. The initial vision of Trust is to felicitate our fellow teachers, protect the interests and promote the economic and social status of all those who are engaged in teaching profession in Pharmacy and support the ailing teachers suffering from diseases such as Cancer, Kidney Failure, Bypass Surgery, etc., and other ailments of serious nature as decided by the trust. The trust is also planning to give financial security to the survivors of the family of the Pharmacy teachers in the event of his/her death up to Rs. 25,000/-(Rs. Twenty five Thousand only).
On behalf the trust, I appeal everyone to strengthen the trust by your valuable suggestions, moral and financial support to fulfill its objectives.

Board of Trustees

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Dr.B. Madhava Reddy
Vice President
Joint Secretary